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Dave Cahill (Dave Matthews William Cahill Born August 20, 1983 in Fleimgton, NJ) is a songwriter, guitarist, and engineer)

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Dave was born in 1983 and I grew up in a small town in New Jersey with his parents, his two older brothers, and his guitar. He started playing guitar in 1994. Ever since I started I felt an uncanny ability to write. I noticed that I seemed to have this "satellite" that captured melody, rhythm, and songs out of nowhere. It was very odd I thought, but I wasn't complaining. As I got older my ability grew stronger and with my age and the support of my friends and family I worked hard to become a respected guitarist.

I was in many bands growing up, but I seemed to meet my match with a friend of mine named Petey. We were very young at the time, but we would stay up all night and write very elaborate songs. The complexities of the music we were creating showcased that these weren't done by any foolish youth. They were good songs! So we created a band, more of a duo with revolving members, named Rubylith. We played a few shows, but eventually called it quits. I will never forget what I learned as a song writer through that time though.

So once again I was on my own, jamming here and there, and collaborating with some people. My brother, Rich, and I have always played together since I started. He showed me a lot when I was younger, but I eventually started taking lessons from my friend Joe Stuby. Rich and I began conceiving this idea about a heavy, but yet melodic band with bone grinding riffs, and devilishly heavy overtones. It eventually took off the ground and Futureboy was created. The original lineup had only I on guitar, my brother on drums, and these two other guys singing and trying to play bass. We recorded a rough demo in a studio, it sounded good, needed some work, but we just wanted to play shows. One cool thing was that we were aired on 92.3 K-Rock. So we did all that all over the place, but then after one show we realized our singer sucked and the bass player sucked so we kicked them out. They weren't dedicated anyway, they were total slackers with no real musical ability. So we began our search...

Immediatly we asked our friend Mark from a band known as Home 33 to play 2nd guitar. We decided not to make either one of us lead or rhythm, but rather we both play intricate parts that define the mood of the song. We both were great writers and with my brother's amazing ability to play drums, we started to create a whole new sound. So after a few weeks we got responses to the ad we put in the paper. Soon enough a guy by the name of Mike showed up. He was just like one of us, and mixed perfectly with our ingredients. Now we only needed a singer. Along came Simon, a descendent of Canada. A very interesting person to all of us Americans. We tried him out and decided to look no further. We pumped out song after song week after week and eventually headed into a recording studio in New York called "Night Owl". We finished a 5 song demo after many long nights and we were happy with the result. So then we got our press kits together and played shows all over New Jersey and New York. We got air time on WZZO and eventually landed a gig at The Wetlands opening up for Fishbone at the last Wetlands show ever. This was two days before September 11, 2001, and little did we know that we were literally hours away from everything on Earth becoming unstable. The world has changed ever since, you just need to turn on the t.v. to see that, I mean how many damn news channels can they play 24 hours a day? Anyway...

No too long after in November we played more shows and finally Simon called it quits because of conflicts between us and him. It was a mutual decision. After that I had no desire to start all over, again. I stayed home playing and writing for months and evolved my solo style. I wrote like a madman, recording everything I wrote with a small tape recorder. The library of tapes I have of all completely original song ideas has grown to about 18 hours of music. My brother, our friend Mike, and I played at couple local bars just jamming and strictly improvising and everyone really loved it. We never got serious but had a great time. We still do it occasionally.

In the summer of 2002 I went through a exhausting emotional collapse. I started thinking of this idea, for me to make a solo album and do all the instruments. I was lucky enough to have access to my brothers recording equipment since he had temporarily moved into my abode. So now I needed an idea. I decided to take what was going on in my life to convert it to sound. The idea behind "Slander" was born. It is an album about having ideas or philosophies through hearsay, rather than fact. To have a definitive point of view about something without knowing the whole story. I somehow wrote and recorded 13 tracks in 2 months. I took my time and kept pumping out new songs. It may be hard for some to understand a song when their aren't lyrics explaining what's going on. But if you really listen, you can hear what I am talking about. The titles give an implication as well. I have had great feedback about the cd which is cool and I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me. Even if it's just listening to it once. I also was accepted into ASCAP(American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) in late 2002. I'm really looking forward to moving ahead with my music.

In the summer of 2003 I released my second album entitled, "Quiver, Reader". After about 3 months, 500 copies were sold or given away at shows. The new album has also received airtime at numerous radio stations up and down the east coast. The response has been extremely great despite the album not fitting into any convential category, or sector of music. By the end of 2003 I played a number of shows by myself and with my friends, Duende.

It is now 2004, and I am still playing a lot of shows. I have been a steady opener for Duende and have been having a great time. A new album will be completed by mid March. This new cd is going a different direction then the last album. The new cd is going to keep everyone guessing, and keep making you ask the question, "What the hell?". I expect to have the album released again before next summer. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about myself, hopefully it wasn;t too long...

My influences include: Earth to Andy, Chris Whitley, Tim Reynolds, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Tool, Richard Johnston, Django Reinhardt, Albert King, Beatles(of course), Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Jane's Addiction, Miles Davis, old Rage, Deftones, Bob Marley, Quicksand, NOFX, Grateful Dead, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Victor Wooten, old NIN, Sublime, Incubus, Orange 9mm, and myself of course. These are only a taste of the music I like, theres so many I can't even think of half of them. Never limit yourself to one type of music. It is as ignorant as racism to immediatly dislike something based on what you've heard, what their fans are like, or what you think you know. It's Slander!


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